USA: Illinois: Deer Grove Forest Preserve Mitigation Planning and Implementation


Stantec is conducting ecological restoration and maintenance to carry out two
Management and Monitoring Plans – a 185-acre portion of Deer Grove East and 240-
acre portion of Deer Grove West. These habitat enhancement projects are sponsored
by Openlands (a conservation group in the greater Chicago region) to mitigate off-site
impacts to wetlands associated with the O’Hare International Airport expansion. The
preserve, located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, is surrounded by a heavily
urbanized area which presents unique challenges to the projects.

Stantec has been providing services at Deer Grove East since 2009, and services
at Deer Grove West began in 2015. Both projects are expected to continue through
2021. We have provided a variety of services including: hydrology assessments,
restoration oversight, and monitoring; water quality improvements; erosion control and
soil stabilization; stream stabilization; woodland management; seed bed preparation;
native plantings; invasive species control; prescribed burning; ecological stewardship;
vegetation surveys; and avian monitoring.

Stantec completed selective tree and brush removals on over 150 acres of remnant oak
woodland and provided contract oversight for clearing on another 190 acres between
the two sites. We also procured and installed over 75,000 plugs and seeded 270 native
species at Deer Grove East, and achieved performance standards just three years after
planting. This rewarding project continues to provide ongoing stewardship of prairie, oak
woodlands, oak savanna, and wetlands.

Passionate about the resource, we also coordinate stewardship responsibilities with
a local volunteer group, that resulted in the development of a weed scout program,
expansion of restoration activities, enhanced local seed collection efforts, and increased
public awareness of ecological restoration. Deer Grove West is a dedicated State of
Illinois Nature Preserve and Deer Grove East was recently dedicated as a State of Illinois
Land and Water Reserve.

Quick Facts

Project Location:
Deer Grove, IL, USA, 41.607811, -89.689547

Geographic Region:
North America

Country or Territory:
United States of America

Temperate Forest

Temperate Forest - Deciduous

Project Partners:
Stantec, Openlands


Project Stage:
Planning / Design


The project does not have a monitoring plan.

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Socio-Economic & Community Outcomes Achieved

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