USA: Florida: Unagrelli Preserve Habitat Restoration


Manatee County engaged Stantec ecologists to help establish project goals and strategies for enhancing an awkwardly shaped, overgrown 31.3-acre site into a passive, recreation area that would benefit the local community.

Stantec created a restoration plan that converted highly degraded uplands on the site to coastal hammock and removed spoil from wetland areas to improve hydrology. This plan included the placement of fill on an upland island and required a temporary wetland impact to mangrove habitat. Our plan will eventually remove the overgrown nuisance and undesirable plant species, enhance the mangrove swamp, and provide public access and educational opportunities.

Although the site presented poor soil conditions, low upland elevations, and temporary wetland impacts, our team was able to successfully navigate these challenges and present a comprehensive restoration plan to the County that will help conserve and protect valuable coastal habitats in Southwest Florida.

Quick Facts

Project Location:
Manatee County, FL, USA, 27.4799195, -82.345189

Geographic Region:
North America

Country or Territory:
United States of America


Estuaries, Marshes & Mangroves

Project Partners:
Stantec, Manatee County


Project Stage:
Planning / Design


The project does not have a monitoring plan.

Ecological Outcomes Achieved

Socio-Economic & Community Outcomes Achieved

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