A New Legal Principle on Ecological Restoration: A New Way to Scale Up Restoration?

An Cliquet, Anastasia Telesetsky, Afshin Akhtar-Khavari, Kris Decleer

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The United Nations Decade of Ecosystem Restoration is an opportunity for States to advance the development of substantive and qualitative international law obligations for conducting restoration activities. This will help countries move beyond the more quantitative target-driven approach that currently focuses international commitments on the percentage of degraded areas that have to be restored. In this webinar we argue for a possible new pathway for States to accelerate and pursue international obligations to undertake ecological restoration by advocating for the development of a new international legal principle on ecological restoration. This principle would add to existing principles such as the prevention principle, and aims at achieving the highest level of recovery possible. The webinar will explain what legal principles are and what their value is. The webinar will look into the new principle on ecological restoration, its meaning and core elements underpinning this principle, and give examples how this could be used in practice.

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