Restoring Communities Through Ecological Thinking and Action

Dr. Suzanne Pierre

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Discover the power of ecological frameworks in restoring land relationships. While many restoration approaches overlook human communities, this webinar highlights the pivotal role of human food webs in shaping ecosystems. Delve into the intricate connections between food, culture, and ecological restoration. Meet Dr. Suzanne Pierre, a soil microbial ecologist, biogeochemist, and visionary. As the founder and lead investigator of the Critical Ecology Lab, a nonprofit fostering communities with scientific and generational wisdom, she empowers collective action against oppressive systems. With expertise in molecular and stable isotope methods, she studies nutrient and carbon cycling in changing climates. Dr. Pierre pioneers critical ecology, exploring ecological processes through a decolonial and social liberation lens. Her mission is unveiling global ecological change as responses to colonialism and capitalism. Collaborating with artists and curators worldwide, she amplifies these ideas through art. A recipient of the National Geographic Wayfinder Award, she’s a National Geographic Explorer making impactful strides.

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