A Study of Land Reclamation and Ecological Restoration in a Resource-exhausted City: A Case Study of Huaibei in China

Xiao, W., Z. Hu, J. Li, H. Zhang and J. Hu

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Eco-city construction is a powerful method which can advance a city from traditional industrial civilisation to ecological civilisation. The city of Huaibei, with 50 years of coal mining history, has been listed as a national resource-exhausted city. The city’s sustainable development and ecological restoration work face severe challenges. This study presents a time-space evolution analysis of mining subsidence to show the evolution and the distribution of the subsidence area in Huaibei. Intensive use was made of land evaluation to formulate land use measures. According to this analysis, and based on the popular eco-reconstruction movement, suggestions for land reclamation and eco-reconstruction are proposed for the city of Huaibei. The paper aims to make strategic recommendations to help Huaibei city transform from a resource- exhausted city to an eco-city.

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Peer-reviewed Article

International Journal of Mining, Reclamation and Environment