An Assessment on Restoration of Typical Marine Ecosystems in China: Achievements and Lessons

Chen, B., W.W. Yu, W.H. Liu and Z.H. Liu

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In this paper, three cases in marine ecosystem restoration (i.e. mangrove restoration in Quanzhou bay, bay ecosystem restoration in Wuyuan Bay of Xiamen and eutrophic semi- enclosed bay restoration in Xiamen western waters) were evaluated. The results, together with the brief assessment of practices in other coastal areas, showed that the major barriers for success are: (i) more comprehensive insights into ecological, socio-economic, political factors are necessary for setting-up clear project objectives and targets; (ii) more attention should be paid to ecological functions in order to restore the ecosystem’s values and benefits; (iii) more scientific processes need to be conducted to evaluate the causes for ecosystem degradation and predict the probability for natural recovery; and (iv) degradation causes diagnosis, restoration technologies and methods, monitoring strategies and techniques, assessment and evaluation, adaptive management and results dissemination should be all emphasized during the restoration efforts.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Ocean & Coastal Management