Assessing the Hydrological Suitability of Floodplains for Species-rich Meadow Restoration: A Case Study of the Thames Floodplain, UK

Duranel, A.J., M.C. Acreman, C.J. Stratford, J.R. Thompson and D.J. Mould

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The physical and chemical environment of a floodplain needs to be assessed to define conservation targets for restoring it to species-rich meadows from agricultural land. A straightforward technique, widely applicable by site managers for assessing the suitability of the hydrological and hydro-chemical regime of a floodplain for wet grassland restoration, has been tested by examining the feasibility of restoring plants characteristic of NVC MG4 and MG8 communities to the Castle Meadows, Wallingford (Oxfordshire, UK).

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Peer-reviewed Article

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences