Assessment of Forest Degradation by Local Communities: The Case Study of Ghana

Blay, D., F.D. Dwomoh and L. Damnyag

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The rate of forest degradation is continuously increasing throughout Ghana. To mitigate the effect of degradation, the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) funded a project to rehabilitate some degraded forests with the collaboration of local communities. Due to resource constraints, three sites were to be selected from five potential sites Asukese, Bonsam Bepo, Southern Scarp, Afrensu Brohuma and Pamu Berekum within three forest ecological zones on the basis of perceived rates of degradation. Thus to select the final three areas for the project, assessment was done using indicators developed collaboratively with the local communities based on their experience on what had been the state of the forest before degradation as well as how their livelihoods have been impacted because of degradation.

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Technical Document

Food and Agriculture Organization