Assessment of the Potential of Ecosystem-based Approaches to Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in Europe

Naumann, S., G. Anzaldua, P. Berry, S. Burch, M. Davis, A. Frelih-Larsen, H. Gerdes and M. Sanders

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At a national and regional level, given the importance of technical capacity highlighted in the explored case studies, an increased knowledge and understanding of specific design characteristics for projects using ecosystem-based approaches and their implications shouldfurther be supported. Both positive experiences as well as barriers were encountered during implementation. These can serve as a useful knowledge basis for increasing the success and efficiency of emerging projects. Further, such information could help to create successful management frameworks and a more appropriate selection of measures. Systems of institutional learning can enhance these efforts, ensuring that knowledge can be transferred to a wider audience and that the utilization of lessons learned is maximized. Finally, increased stakeholder involvement and a higher level of awareness amongst policy makers and the general public are necessary. Governments can be seen as serving a central, guiding role here in acting as a motivating actor and providing impetus to action at the local level.

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Technical Document

Oxford University Centre for the Environment