Composition and Dynamics of Functional Groups of Trees During Tropical Forest Succession in Northeastern Costa Rica

Chazdon, R.L., B. Finegan, R.S. Capers, B. Salgado-Negret, F. Casanoves, V. Boukili and N. Norden

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We compared the functional type composition of trees less than 10 cm dbh in eight secondary forest monitoring plots with logged and unlogged mature forest plots in lowland wet forests of Northeastern Costa Rica. Five plant functional types were delimited based on diameter growth rates and canopy height of 293 tree species. Tree stature and growth rates capture much of the functional variation that appears to drive successional dynamics. Results further suggest strong linkages between functional types defined based on adult height and growth rates of large trees and abundance of seedling and sapling regeneration during secondary succession.

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Peer-reviewed Article