Conceptual Framework for Mangrove Restoration in the Yucata_n Peninsula

Zaldi_var-Jime_nez, M.A., J.A. Herrera-Silveira, C. Teutli-Herna_ndez, F.A. Comi_n, J.L. Andrade, C.C. Molina and R. Pe_rez Ceballos

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The studies performed over the last ten years by the mangrove group at Centro de Investigacio_n y de Estudios Avanzados (CINVESTAV), in collaboration with other institutions, resulted in a conceptual framework that we present here as a methodological approach for the ecological restoration of mangroves in the Yucata_n Peninsula. The conceptual framework is based on the relationships among the geomorphology, hydrology, and structural and functional characteristics of mangroves that are associated with the environmental services offered by these ecosystems. The methodological approach is fundamentally concerned with the particular characteristics of the karstic environmental setting of the Yucata_n Peninsula as well as social and economic aspects of restoration. This approach to mangrove restoration includes stages for planning, implementing, and monitoring mangrove restoration programs in karstic environments.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Ecological Restoration