Contemporary Approaches for Small-scale Oyster Reef Restoration to Address Substrate versus Recruitment Limitation

Brumbaugh, R.D. and L.D. Coen

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This paper was originally presented at the first West Coast Restoration Workshop in 2006 in San Rafael, California and is intended to summarize potential approaches for small-scale restoration projects, including some emerging methods, and highlight the logistical benefits and limitations of these approaches. Because the majority of the past efforts have been with C. viriginica, we use those examples initially to highlight efforts with the intent of enlightening current west coast United States efforts with Ostrea lurida. We also discuss site-specific characteristics including ‘‘recruitment bottlenecks’’ and ‘‘substrate limitation’’ as criteria for identifying the most appropriate approaches to use for small-scale restoration projects. Many of the included ‘‘lessons-learned’’ from the smaller-scale restoration projects being implemented today can be used to inform not only large-scale estuary wide efforts to restore C. virginica, but also the relatively nascent efforts directed at restoring the United States west coast’s native Olympia oyster, Ostrea lurida.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Journal of Shellfish Research