Coral Restoration: Sharing Knowledge for the Enhancement of Restoration Practices

Jessica Levy

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Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF) has been working to reverse the functional extinction of endangered reef-building corals and restore coral reefs in Florida (USA) since 2007. In that time, CRF has returned over 215,000 corals to Florida’s Coral Reef, restoring more than 34,000 square meters of degraded marine habitat. The success of our large-scale coral husbandry and reef restoration efforts has paved the way for other important restoration activities in the Florida Keys and beyond. In this webinar, hosted by SER, Jessica Levy (Director of Restoration Strategy, CRF) will present on CRF’s in-situ coral propagation and restoration efforts. Jessica will also discuss advancements in coral restoration methods made over the years, with a focus on how shared learning experience can help to scale the success of restoration efforts around the world.

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