Designing Large-scale Wetland Restoration for Delaware Bay

Weishar, L.L., J.M. Teal and R. Hinkle

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The first step in the design process was to obtain consensus among regulators, ecologists, engineers, and the public as to marsh structure and function. Second was to reach agreement on the essential sedimentary and hydrodynamic characteristics needed to achieve the desired ecosystem. Third was to develop a two-dimensional hydrodynamic numerical model to design marsh channels that would not erode, would have typical channel cross-sections, and would have a hydro-period on the marsh plain to allow growth of the desired species. The process for design that met the restoration goals and was acceptable to the regulatory agencies and the public was complex. We discuss the social/political and the scientific/engineering steps used to reach a final design acceptable to all involved parties.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Ecological Engineering