Dominance of Legume Trees Alters Nutrient Relations in Mixed Species Forest Restoration Plantings within Seven Years

Siddique, I., V. Lex Engel, J.A. Parrotta, D. Lamb, G.B. Nardoto, J.P.H.B. Ometto, L.A. Martinelli and S. Schmidt

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Failures in reforestation are often attributed to nutrient limitation for tree growth. We compared tree performance and nitrogen and phosphorus relations in adjacent mixed-species plantings of contrasting composition, established for forest restoration on Ultisol soil, originally covered by tropical semi-deciduous Atlantic Forest in Southeast Brazil. The legume mixture succeeded in accelerating tree growth and canopy closure, but may imply periods of N losses and possibly P limitation. Incorporation of species with efficient nitrate uptake and P mobilization from resistant soil pools offers potential to optimize these tradeoffs.

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Peer-reviewed Article