Ecological Restoration in Coastal Areas in the Netherlands: Concepts, Dilemmas and Some Examples

V.N. de Jonge and D.J. de Jong

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This chapter gives an overview of attempts in the Netherlands to restore coastal ecosystems and habitats, and explains how scientific and non-scientific information has been used to meet the goals. Indications for successes and failures of management measures taken so far, as well as dilemmas to cope with, are given. Up to now only small scale restoration projects have been executed, while large scale projects generally are not further then the thinking or planning phase. A special type of “restoration projects” are the large civil engineering works, particularly in the south-west of the Netherlands. Although these works were not planned and executed as restoration projects, but designed for safety against flooding from the sea, they have led to significant changes in the boundary conditions of the systems concerned.

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Peer-reviewed Article