Ecological Restoration of Rainforest through Aided Natural Regeneration in the Denuded Hills of Sitakunda, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Misbahuzzaman, K. and M.J. Alam

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Bangladesh Forest Department attempted ecological restoration of its denuded natural forests by establishing the first eco-park at Sitakunda in the South-eastern Chittagong hills in 2000. The semi-evergreen sub-tropical forest has been lying denuded of trees for years. The present study was conducted in December 2003 by taking a systematic sample of 50 circular plots each of 5.05 m in radius from a 20 ha patch of the eco-park, where non-woody vegetation has been routinely removed since 2000 in order to favor natural regeneration. The objective was to examine coppices and sprouts coming from stumps and root-suckers, respectively. In each plot regeneration were identified to species and their height measured. A total of 1401 individuals were found that represented 63 species. Most of the individuals were in the height classes 1 – 2 m (617) and < 1 m (529). It appeared that native forest ecosystem could be restored in denuded areas even when seed-bearing trees are almost absent.

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Peer-reviewed Article

International Journal of Agriculture and Biology