Ecology and Restoration Techniques for Sargassum Beds in the Seto Inland Sea, Japan

erawaki, T., K. Yoshikawa, G. Yoshida, M. Uchimura and K. Iseki

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New techniques for Sargassum bed restoration are summarized based on three coastal engineering techniques. (1) Construction of shallow and gentle sloping bottom substrata have been shown to be effective for the reestablishment of management-free seagrass and Sargassum beds on developed coasts. (2) Seeding or transplanting using artificial substratum for extension of nursery and fishing grounds around natural Sargassum beds. (3) Periodic transplanting of Sargassum plants using artificially produced seedlings is effective to produce niches to allow faunal re-colonization in severely polluted and sparsely vegetated area. However, prior to implementation, the suitability and limitations of these three techniques requires to be ascertained for effective Sargassum bed restoration.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Marine Pollution Bulletin