Ecosystem Approach to Disaster Risk Reduction

Gupta, A.K. and S.S. Nair

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Recognizing the benefits of the new epoch of 2nd paradigm shift in disaster management, that is ‘ecosystem approach to disaster risk reduction (Ecodrr)’ offers the benefits of community based approach as well due to its emphasis on livelihood, health and food security within the framework of vulnerability reduction. The suggested planning framework at district level, to have an integrated district plan, opens avenue for a much awaited ‘environmental action plan’ mandate at state, district and local levels. This shall help facilitate the DRR infusion with sustainable development agenda in much acceptable sense – in the governance as well as in community actions. It aims at reducing externality in dependence, improving self-reliance and local strengths for disaster mitigation and preparedness.

Resource Type:
Technical Document

National Institute of Disaster Management