Ecosystem Services of Peatlands: Implications for Restoration

Kimmel, K. and U_. Mander

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The aim of this overview paper is to analyse the inclusion and use of the ecosystem services concept in scientific studies of degraded peatlands and peatland restoration. Publications indexed by the Institute of Science Information (ISI) Web of Science (WoS) from 1980 to October 2009 were analysed. Word combinations relevant to peatland ecosystem services in the title, keywords and abstract were used. We followed the division of ecosystem services into four categories: supporting, regulating, provisioning and cultural, as provided by the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (2005). The analysis indicated that the concept of ecosystem services is not referred to explicitly in ISI WoS studies on peatland restoration. The interpretation of the content identified using search phrases related to various beneficial functions of peatlands showed that they mainly include information on regulating and supporting ecosystem services critical to sustaining vital ecosystem functions that deliver benefits to people. There are only a few articles addressing provisioning and cultural ecosystem services. One of the key issues concerning the effect of peatland restoration in the provisioning of ecosystem services is the balance of greenhouse gases and their role in global climate regulation.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Progress in Physical Geography