Establishing Resilient Marine Protected Area Networks—Making It Happen

IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (

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This guide helps us to better understand the role of MPAs and MPA networks at local and regional scales to achieve marine conservation. It utilizes current scientific knowledge, institutional experience and global case studies to outline the latest information pertaining to building resilient and functional MPA networks. It also highlights global commitments for marine conservation and shows how to move from individual MPA sites to an effective system of national and regional MPA networks. The design of an MPA network encompasses many considerations, including social, economic, legal and ecological, which collectively contribute to management decisions and implementation. Guidance contained in this document provides MPA practitioners, managers and field staff with techniques for designing effective MPA networks that are resilient to human and environmental threats.

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Technical Document

IUCN, National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration, the Nature Conservancy