Estuarine, Coastal and Marine Ecosystem Restoration: Confusing Management and Science – A Revision of Concepts

Elliott, M., D. Burdon, K.L. Hemingway and S.E. Apitz

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This review presents recent concepts, understanding and experience of the restoration, recovery and human-mediated modification of estuarine, coastal and marine ecosystems. It shows that these can be divided into four categories: natural recovery from a natural or anthropogenic change (whether adverse or otherwise); anthropogenic interventions in response to a degraded or anthropogenically changed environment; anthropogenic responses to a single stressor; and habitat enhancement or creation. A conceptual framework for restoration and recovery of marine marginal and semi-enclosed areas is presented after exploring and refining the plethora of terms used in restoration science and management.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science