Expediting Reforestation in Tropical Grasslands: Distance and Isolation from Seed Sources in Plantations

Zanne, A.E. and C.A. Chapman

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To quantify the effect of distance and isolation from seed sources on the regeneration of indigenous trees, we evaluated tree species richness and stem density in four pine plantations surrounded by natural forest within Kibale National Park, Uganda, and one isolated pine plantation surrounded by agriculture near Kibale. Tree regeneration in these plantations was compared to that in natural forest and to an anthropogenic grassland similar to those upon which the plantations were established. This study demonstrates that forest reestablishment can be faster if plantations are established than if grasslands are left to recover without management. However, differences within and among plantations can lead to very different communities with respect to species composition, species richness, and stem density.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Ecological Applications