First ex situ outplanting of the habitat- forming seaweed Cystoseira amentacea var. stricta from a restoration perspective

Gina De La Fuente, Mariachiara Chiantore, Valentina Asnaghi, Sara Kaleb and Annalisa Falace

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In the framework of the EU project ROCPOP-Life, the first ex situ outplanting experience on Cystoseira amentacea var. stricta has been implemented in the Cinque Terre MPA (northwestern Mediterranean). A total of 400 clay tiles were fixed to the rocky shore with screws: the tiles were monitored for the next two months by photographic sampling, and survival, cover and growth were assessed. After two months, over 40% of the tiles were covered with Cystoseira juveniles, which reached approximately 8 mm in total length. The high cover (> 25%), assuring moisture and shading, and the appropriate size of the juveniles, to avert micro-grazing, at time of deployment were key to the survival and growth of the outplanted juveniles.Our finding show that outplanting of midlittoral canopy-forming species is a feasible approach for restoration efforts, with particular attention given to the early phases: i) laboratory culture, ii) transport, and iii) juveniles densities.

STAPER categories:
  • C1: Identify appropriate measures for conducting ecosystem restoration
  • C3: Develop ecosystem restoration plans with clear/measurable objectives and goals  
  • D1: Assess the efficacy and effects of implementing the ecosystem restoration plan

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Peer-reviewed Article

PeerJ - Life and Environment