Forest Biodiversity and the Delivery of Ecosystem Goods and Services: Translating Science into Policy

Thompson, I.D., K. Okabe, J.M. Tylianakis, P. Kumar, E.G. Brockerhoff, N.A. Schellhorn, J.A. Parrotta and R. Nasi

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Focusing on forest and agroforest systems, we synthesize recent research on the role of biodiversity in the provision of ecosystem services and provide examples of biodiversity science that informs ecosystem management and policy. Finally, we highlight barriers to the transfer of knowledge from scientists to decision-makers and suggest that scientists can be much more effective at informing policy and improving resource management by asking policy-relevant questions and providing timely and consistent information to decision-makers and the public on the linkages among biodiversity, ecosystem services, and their value to people.

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Peer-reviewed Article