Forest Degradation in Nepal: Review of Data and Methods

Acharya, K.P. and R.B. Dangi

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This paper aims to review the past forest resource assessments, methodologies and findings on forest degradation. The study observed that differentiation on forest quality was recognized since the first forest resources assessment in the early 1960s. Similarly, all forest resource assessments have identified criteria and indicators for capturing forest degradation. Forest degradation has been understood as reduction in production capacity of commercial timber volume. Change in tree canopy cover was used as a key criterion in assessments. Degradation was assessed through canopy closure, tree density, regeneration capacity, stand maturity, lopping, species dominancy, grazing, and soil surface erosion. The assessment methodologies include field survey, satellite images, aerial photography, ground checks or a combination of these. Finally the paper concludes by offering potential methods for assessing forest degradation in Nepal.

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Technical Document

Food and Agriculture Organization