Forest Landscape Assessment Tool (FLAT): Rapid assessment for land management

Ciecko, L., D. Kimmet, J. Saunders, R. Katz, K.L. Wolf, O. Bazinet, J. Richardson, W. Brinkley and D.J. Blahna

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The Forest Landscape Assessment Tool (FLAT) is a set of procedures and tools used to rapidly determine forest ecological conditions and potential threats. FLAT enables planners and managers to understand baseline conditions, determine and prioritize restoration needs across a landscape system, and conduct ongoing monitoring to achieve land management goals. The rapid assessment process presents a cost-effective opportunity for landowners that include local governments, private owners, and nongovernmental organizations to use ecological data to guide decisionmaking and improve environmental outcomes on their lands. This report is an introduction to FLAT, providing an overview of its purpose, methods, and implications for land management in diverse regions. FLAT is executed in three sequential phases: Phase 1—Forest Cover Type Mapping, Phase 2—Field Assessment, and Phase 3—Management Prioritization.

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Technical Document

United States Forest Service-United States Dept. of Agriculture