Forest Management, Restoration, and Designer Ecosystems: Integrating Strategies for a Crowded Planet

Sarr, D.A. and K.J. Puettmann

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As the global human population increases, the demand to conserve, restore, create, and sustainably manage ecosystems will increase as well. Forested ecosystems are of particular interest because of the biodiversity they support and their diverse values to people. Developments in conservation, restoration forestry, and in the study of designer ecosystems provide a diverse set of tools with which to pursue sustainable forestry goals. Nonetheless, we suggest that sustainable forestry can only be achieved by fully considering ecological, economic, and social needs in landscapes. This will require a clear realization of the trade-offs in site- specific management approaches and a multifaceted, landscape-scale perspective for evaluation of sustainability criteria. We propose collaborative creation of Sustainable Forestry Portfolios as a means to encourage the breadth of thinking required to guide sustainable forest management.

Resource Type:
Peer-reviewed Article