Forest Rehabilitation: One Approach to Water Conservation in Central Tigray

Aerts, R., E. November, M. Behailu, J. Deckers, M. Hermy, and B. Muys

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Until now, one of the most effective ways to allow the regeneration of vegetation and consequently the prevention of more soil erosion was found to be the exclusion of grazing livestock from selected areas. Vegetation cover and litter in these exclosures promote rainwater infiltration and thus contribute to the raising of the water table in the long term. Although intermediate results show the benefits (and the limits) of eucalypt plantations in the closed areas, they might become a threat to the biodiversity and the water balance of the region. A joint research project between the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium) and Mekelle University (Ethiopia) aims at the development of natural regeneration strategies and sustainable management practices in these closed areas.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Ethiopian Journal of Water Science and Technology