Forests and Climate Change: Adaptation and Mitigation

Van Bodegom, A.J., H. Savenije and M. Wit (eds.)

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This issue of ETFRN News aims to contribute to a better understanding of the role of forests and their management in climate change mitigation and adaptation. It presents some promising approaches and measures and the enabling conditions needed. The articles in this issue are the result of an open call for papers. They do not cover all issues and initiatives that are relevant to the forest-climate connection; this was not the goal. Nevertheless, the issue brings together a lively mix of articles with a wide range of perspectives, varying from papers with an international policy focus and conceptual pieces, to field experiences written by individuals who do not often address an international audience. Collectively, the articles constitute a broad- ranging insight to the importance of forests in climate change and some of the challenges that need to be addressed at the different levels — from local to global, from policy to practice — to make things work.

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White Paper

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