From Pine Plantations to Natural Stands: Ecological Restoration of a Pinus canariensis Sweet, Ex Spreng Forest

Are_valo, J.R. and J.M. Ferna_ndez-Palacios

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The main objective of the plantations analyzed in this study is to restore the Canarian pine (Pinus canariensis Sweet, ex Spreng) forest, heavily disturbed as a result of intense logging over the last 5 centuries, following the European colonization of the Canary Islands (Parsons 1981). In the last 60 years large areas of Tenerife have been reforested, but these initiatives have not been followed up with subsequent manage ment or monitoring. In recent years, public authority forest managers have re-considered the usefulness of plantations, moving away from the idea of using them solely as a tool to control erosion towards management practices that will restore natural pine forest.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Plant Ecology