From the Adirondacks to Acadia: A Wildlands Network Design for the Greater Northern Appalachians

Reining, C., K. Beazley, P. Doran and C. Bettigole

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This report presents a proposed wildlands network design for the Greater Northern Appalachian region of the northeastern United States and southeastern Canada. This region spans 388,541 km2 (96,010,538 acres) and encompasses two ecoregions, the Northern Appalachian/Acadian and St. Lawrence/Champlain, and all or part of ten states and provinces. A network design is a conservation plan that uses the most recent research and data to identify areas of high biological value for very large regions, integrating core protected areas with wildlife linkages and economically active stewardship lands. The wildlands network design is an effective, science-based model for understanding where land and biodiversity conservation is both needed and possible.

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Technical Document