Getting Published in Restoration Ecology

Valter Amaral, Stephen Murphy

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Studies with a local or regional framework that produce high-quality results are crucial to advancing global ecological concepts, theories, and paradigms. It is therefore vital that these high-quality results be published in international journals, but researchers and graduate students alike can encounter challenges when publishing their scientific research. To help researchers, graduate students and others get their scientific research published the Editor In Chief, Prof. Stephen Murphy, and Managing Editor, Dr. Valter Amaral, of Restoration Ecology (journal) outline methods to effectively publish in Restoration Ecology. They discussed how to effectively overcome main challenges, such as how to make global generalizations with local and regional results and techniques to overcome language barriers. The discussion ends with a Q&A with the two journal editors, and information on the new publishing pricing structure for Restoration Ecology.

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Pre-approved for CECs under SER's CERP program