GlobalUsefulNativeTrees (GlobUNT)

Roeland Kindt, Lars Graudal, Jens-Peter Lilleso, Fabio Pedercini, Paul Smith, Ramni Jamnadass

Publication Date:

We have developed the GlobalUsefulNativeTrees (GlobUNT; database to directly support the principles advocated by the ‘golden rules for reforestation’, including planting tree mixtures that maximize the benefits to local livelihoods and the diversity of native trees. Developed primarily by combining data from GlobalTreeSearch with the World Checklist of Useful Plant Species, GlobUNT includes 14,014 tree species that can be filtered for ten major use categories, across 242 countries and territories.

Relevance for the Short Term Action Plan on Ecosystem Restoration:
GlobalUsefulNativeTrees is a global and user-friendly web-based database that allows users to select assemblages of useful native tree species for any country in the world

STAPER categories:
  • B4: Review, improve or establish terrestrial and marine spatial planning processes
  • C1: Identify appropriate measures for conducting ecosystem restoration
  • D1: Assess the efficacy and effects of implementing the ecosystem restoration plan

Resource Type:
Web-based Resource

CIFOR-ICRAF and Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI)