Governance of Shared Waters: Legal and Institutional Issues

Aguilar Rojas, G. and A. Iza

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This book seeks to reposition the law as a tool for implementing higher good, or, in other words, for providing justice by seeking to ensure individuals have access to the services that ecosystems naturally provide, and guaranteeing the right to water for human well-being. States should be aware, in addition to those parties involved in the governance and management of water, of the imperative need to guarantee the access to water, and should make sure the necessary steps are taken to ensure inhabitants can enjoy such resources, without forgetting the needs of future generations. It is therefore essential that States optimize their cooperation on shared waters, and seek joint benefits through the appropriate coordination of their policies, legislation and institutional frameworks. The ultimate aim of this book is to try and strengthen the capacity of various stakeholders, and to help reach the ideal that water should be considered as a vehicle of integration rather than as a source of conflict.

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