Handbook for Evaluating Rehabilitation Projects in Rivers and Streams

Woolsey, S., C. Weber, T. Gonser, E. Hoehn, M. Hostmann, B. Junker, C. Roulier, S. Schweizer, S. Tiegs, K. Tockner and A. Peter

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The handbook presents a tool for assessing if and to what extent the different objectives of a rehabilitation project were achieved. In the present handbook, such an assessment is defined as project evaluation. The presented evaluation method is based on a comparison of selected key elements and processes before and after rehabilitation. With the help of this tool, users can determine tendencies toward improvement and identify persisting deficits and deteriorations. Project evaluation is carried out at the level of project objectives. Indicators serve as tools for project evaluation. Indicators are parameters, which provide important information on a system’s elements and processes. Their assessment can be quantitative, semi-quantitative or qualitative.

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Technical Document