Human Ecological Questions for Tropical Restoration: Experiences from Planting Native Upland Trees and Mangroves in the Philippines

Walters, B.B.

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The restoration efforts that were most successful were ones in which the cooperators were committed, technically able to do the tasks, and able to gain the support of the wider community. Learning from these issues, the program engaged in a different strategy for promoting soil and water conservation – offering training workshops and demonstrations with farmers in the communities. Although there was still variance in the villages’ success, the soil and water component with the intensive group training and community promotion was more successful for the tree planting which trained and depended only on the village leaders. Similarly, in the mangrove planting, planting was more successful when the social organization of the community was taken into consideration. The author provides a checklist of questions that should be used to guide restoration efforts.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Forest Ecology and Management