Impact of Eco-Restoration on the Biodiversity of Sundarbans Mangrove Ecosystem, India

Chakraborty, S. K., S. Giri, G. Chakravarty and N. Bhattacharya

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A comprehensive study on biodiversity and environmental characteristics of three different selected study sites located on different estuarine networks viz. Matla, Saptamukhi, and Hooghly on eastern, central, and western regions, having different environmental features of Sundarbans Mangrove Ecosystem, India, a World Heritage Site, was conducted through six seasons of consecutive 2 years. The different sites understudy have shown variable species composition. Special emphasis was made to record the population structure of benthic fauna, which exhibited maximum density during pre-monsoon followed by monsoon and post- monsoon.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Water, Air, & Soil Pollution