Impacts of Cattle on Ecological Restoration of Coastal Forests in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Mpanza, T.D.E., P.F. Scogings, N.W. Kunene and A.M. Zobolo

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Livestock from communities bordered by dune mining, urban areas and commercial forestry in northern KwaZulu-Natal spend substantial time foraging in the coastal forest that the mining company is obliged to restore. A survey of livestock owners and an experimental study of impacts of cattle on restoration processes were conducted to develop better knowledge of the perceptions of livestock owners neighbouring the mine, and the impacts of their cattle on rehabilitating coastal dune forest. Shortages of grazing and livestock diseases were perceived to be the major constraints on livestock operations. The study concluded that: (1) the proximity of livestock owners to large-scale commercial land uses influenced their perceptions and their resources, and (2) grazing and trampling by cattle in the rehabilitating dune forest may hinder the ecological restoration process.

Resource Type:
Peer-reviewed Article

African Journal of Range Forage Science