Implementing forest landscape restoration: A practitioner’s guide

Stanturf, J., S. Mansourian, M. Kleine

Publication Date:

Recognizing the challenge of implementing high-level FLR pledges, and realizing that obtaining results on the ground will confront many context-specific questions, a team of scientists from relevant IUFRO units has prepared this guide. This guide is intended to be a training resource for FLR facilitators who have a broad approach to land management. This guide addresses FLR implementation as a whole but with a view toward climate change mitigation and adaptation; only if the landscape is changing and FLR is successful will climate benefits materialise.

Relevance for the Short Term Action Plan on Ecosystem Restoration:
This publication has broad applicability to Groups of activities C and D with regard to projects implemented within the FLR framework.

STAPER categories:
  • C1: Identify appropriate measures for conducting ecosystem restoration
  • C2: Consider how restoration can support sustainability of agriculture/production
  • C3: Develop ecosystem restoration plans with clear/measurable objectives and goals  
  • C4: Develop explicit implementation tasks, schedules, and budgets
  • C5: Implement the measures
  • D1: Assess the efficacy and effects of implementing the ecosystem restoration plan
  • D2: Adjust plans, expectations, procedures, and monitoring through adaptive management
  • D3: Share lessons learned from planning, financing, implementing and monitoring ecosystem restoration plans

Resource Type:
Technical Document

International Union of Forest Restoration Organizations