Joint Mangrove Management in Tamil Nadu

Selvam, V., V.M. Karunagaran, K.K. Ravichandran and G. Evanjalin Jessie Beula

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The aim of this project was to build the capacities of the local communities, government agencies and grass-root institutions such as Panchayats, to restore, conserve and utilise the mangrove wetlands in a sustainable manner through participatory analysis and action. The project’s integrated approach to mangrove restoration, conservation and management is visible in a wide range of activities-technical, socio-economic and administrative. The approach encompasses many implementing agencies, and includes all the stakeholders: the mangrove user communities, MSSRF, the FD of different states, other government departments, rural agencies such as Panchayats, local NGOs, schools and private companies.

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Technical Document

M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation