Launching the New Seed Information Database with the INSR

Kingsley Dixon, Simone Pedrini, John Dickie, Robert Turner, Chid Gilovitz, Fiona Hay

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The new SID provides user-friendly access to essential information on seed weight, storage behavior, germination requirements, and other traits. The database currently hosts 182,232 records from 54,803 plant taxa. All records contained within the database are publicly available under the terms of the Creative Commons CC BY 2.0. SID, originally developed and maintained by the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew (RBGK), was slated to be discontinued due to an agency compliance issue. Upon hearing about the impending closure, SER’s INSR and the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew worked together to ensure the preservation of this critical database, which serves as an invaluable and reliable source of information on native seeds for restoration practitioners across the globe.

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Pre-approved for CECs under SER's CERP program