Long-term Effect of Coral Transplantation: Restoration Goals and the Choice of Species

Muko, S. and Y. Iwasa

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The transplantation is an important method for the restoration of degraded ecosystem. However, it is unclear how the choice of species and transplantation mode affects the community dynamics during recovery from a disaster, particularly for long-lived organisms such as corals. To address this issue, we study a population dynamic model of multiple species in multiple habitats connected by larval dispersal. We first consider two species showing the trade-off relationship between growth rate and mortality and examine three restoration goals to evaluate the effectiveness of transplantation: (1) total coverage; (2) species diversity; (3) spatial heterogeneity of species composition. In summary, these results indicate that both the restoration goal and the transplanted species must be carefully selected before conducting transplantation operations.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Journal of Theoretical Biology