Manual of Urban Rivers Rehabilitation Techniques

Tourbier, J.T. and R.N. Westmacott

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This manual consist of selected technical measures for urban stream rehabilitation measures, which can be become a component of urban river enhancement projects, dealing with river channels, banks as well riparian areas. Techniques presented can be integrated into urban settings to prevent or reduce problems affecting water resources. Techniques presented here improve the hydro-morphological condition of rivers and the runoff that drains into them. Urban runoff control, also called “sustainable urban drainage” is being seen as a component of urban river basin enhancement. Techniques are divided into groups related to certain aspects, such as control of the amount and quality of runoff, or channel rehabilitation. Fact sheets contain construction guidelines, maintenance aspects, advantages, disadvantages, an illustration sketch, photos and references and suggested reading. For each technique individually covered are description, application, advantages and disadvantages, maintenance. They are designed to provide an overview for professionals, decision makers, non- governmental organizations and the general public.

Resource Type:
Technical Document

Dresden University of Technology