McCoy’s Creek and Alligator Creek Stream Restoration Projects


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Unveil captivating stream restoration endeavors by WSP through this enlightening webinar. Explore two distinct projects – McCoy’s Creek and Alligator Creek – showcasing their transformative journey towards ecological enhancement. McCoy’s Creek, once a community treasure, lost its allure due to misguided alterations. Learn how the City of Jacksonville invested $105.4 million over three years to rejuvenate McCoy’s Creek, reviving its natural state, and mitigating flooding. Learn about the revival of 2.8 miles of stream, the creation of 50 acres of floodplain, environmental remediation, and recreational offerings. The Alligator Creek Stream Restoration project focuses on a 2.3-mile canalized stretch in Sarasota County, Florida. Discover how stream restoration, bank stabilization, and habitat enhancement initiatives collaboratively combat downstream nutrient loads, erosion, and invasives. The project’s approach includes fish habitat improvement and a potential trail system. Notably, the project team secured NOAA’s Transformational Habitat Restoration and Coastal Resilience grant, a testament to their dedication.

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Pre-approved for CECs under SER's CERP program

McCoy's Creek and Alligator Creek Stream Restoration Projects