Methodological Recommendations for Botanic Gardens on the Reintroduction of Rare and Threatened Plants

Gorbunov, Y.N., D.S. Dzybov, Z.E. Kuzmin and I.A. Smirnov

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Methodological approaches for the reintroduction of rare species of plants are given. Issues of terminology and the selection of objects for reintroduction are discussed. Features of preliminary studies, selection of initial material, determination of natural habitats, and processes for the creation and monitoring of reintroduced populations are described. Special attention is paid to the necessity of providing genetic diversity within created populations and thorough documentation of conducted works. A separate section is dedicated to the method of reintroduction of plant communities (agrosteppe creation method). Examples of practical experience of reintroduction of rare species in various regions of Russia (Bashkortostan, the Far East, Irkutsk and Vladimir regions) are given.

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Technical Document

Botanic Gardens Conservation International