Modified Taungya System in Ghana: A Win-Win Practice for Forestry and Adaptation to Climate Change?

Kalame, F.B., R. Aidoo, J. Nkem, O.C. Ajayie, M. Kanninen, O. Luukkanen and M. Idinoba

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The formulation and implementation of an adaptation strategy is of growing concern to governments. The adaptation policy framework (APF) sets out indicative activities and features of an adaptation strategy. Understanding the extent to which existing practices can support adaptation in societies and ecosystems is an important step towards the solution. This study uses vulnerability, policy and financial analyses to investigate the compatibility of the modified taungya system (MTS) (a reforestation programme) in Ghana with the indicative activities of the APF. We conclude that MTS is a potential win–win practice for forestry and adaptation. The legalization of all contractual arrangements coupled with continuous monitoring, evaluation and improvement may drive MTS to become a lasting activity that will support the long-term horizon of an adaptation strategy.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Environmental Science and Policy