Native Oyster Restoration in Maryland and Virginia: An Evaluation of Lessons Learned 1990- 2007

Kramer, J.G. and K.G. Sellner (eds.)

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The team’s activities have highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of oyster restoration efforts over the past 18 years and the utility of the data collected to monitor them. While this examination has been informative, its greatest value is to define future oyster restoration activities — specifically, to construct guidelines that will help maximize return on the large investment of effort and funding that will be made in the coming years. Perhaps the greatest lesson of the Oyster Restoration Evaluation Team effort is the recognition that the techniques, sampling protocols and stock assessment methods used to date are inadequate to assess real changes in oyster populations, locally or regionally, and that wholesale change is necessary to design and implement sound stock assessment and monitoring protocols and procedures in order to fully assess the health and growth of a recovering oyster population.

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Technical Document

Oyster Restoration Evaluation Team