New Nature by Sowing? The Current State of Species Introduction in Grassland Restoration, and the Road Ahead

Hedberg, P. and W. Kotowski

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Semi-natural grasslands are some of the most threatened habitats on the planet, due to the abandonment of small-scale farming and its replacement with intensive agriculture. The fragmented landscape of today has created dispersal limitation that makes improbable the natural dispersal of target species into the remaining patches of grassland. This paper reviews the current status of species introduction into semi-natural grasslands, and summarises the results of published literature in this field. Our review shows that restoration through species introduction is an effective method of establishing dispersal limited species. However, the field of species introduction in restoration ecology has yet to make use of the value that Functional Diversity can add to restoration. No single study in our search has followed up species introduction by measuring any of the currently available indices of functional diversity. This approach is necessary to gain knowledge on what traits are likely to be sorted out in species introduction cases in various environments.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Journal for Nature Conservation