Pines and Oaks in the Restoration of Mediterranean Landscapes of Spain: New Perspectives for an Old Practice – A Review

Pausas, J.G. et al.

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In the present work, the use of pines and hardwoods in forest restoration is discussed in the frame of the current disturbance regime and social demands for Mediterranean forests. Large pine plantations have recently disappeared because of their sensitivity to fire (e.g., Pinus nigra) or because of the short fire-intervals (e.g., Pinus halepensis). Combined pine and oak plantations are proposed for degraded land restoration on the basis of the complementary features of both groups of species. Seeding and containerised seedling plantation, soil amendments and plantation techniques to reduce transplant shock are evaluated for reforestation under water-stressing conditions, on the basis of several experiments performed in eastern Spain. Both P. halepensis and Quercus ilex are tested.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Plant Ecology